6" Tibetan Singing Bowl ((Ganesha Design))

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~Tibetan Singing bowl~

Use singing bowls to meditate, balance chakras, and clear the energy in any room.

The mallet is lined with leather for a beautiful flow while circling the aluminum bowl.

This medium toned bowl is best for mid chakras. The SOUND IS AMAZING! I have tested them all!!

Bowl Measurements: 7" across x 3 1/2" deep with flat sides.
Mallet: 7 1/2" long

How to use:
Take off all rings. Hold bowl on a flat palm, and grab the mallet with the other hand. Start on the outside of the bowl and in a circulate motion, rub the leather part of the mallet around the rim of the bowl. You will almost instantly hear a magical, heavenly sound. Enjoy!

~This product is Brand New~
Cleaning: dust with a dry cloth before using.

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